Savannah Oaks RV Resort: What Do The Reviews Say?

If you’re searching for the perfect vacation spot in Savannah, look no further than Savannah Oaks RV Resort. But before booking your stay, it’s always a good idea to check out what others have to say. So, what do the reviews say about this charming RV resort? Well, according to numerous happy campers, Savannah Oaks offers not only a picturesque location and top-notch amenities but also exceptional customer service that leaves a lasting impression. Get ready to be welcomed with open arms and experience an unforgettable getaway at Savannah Oaks RV Resort.

Overall Rating

When it comes to assessing the overall rating of Savannah Oaks RV Resort, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Visitors have raved about their experiences at this campground, highlighting the beautiful surroundings, top-notch facilities, and exceptional customer service. While there have been a few negative reviews and mixed opinions, the majority of visitors have praised the resort for providing an excellent camping experience.

Positive Reviews

Among the many positive reviews of Savannah Oaks RV Resort, one aspect that consistently receives high praise is its scenic surroundings. Nestled amidst lush greenery and majestic oak trees, this campground offers a picturesque backdrop for campers to enjoy. Whether you’re lounging outside your RV or embarking on a nature walk, the beauty of your surroundings is sure to leave you in awe.

Another highlight for many visitors is the convenience to attractions that Savannah Oaks RV Resort offers. Located in close proximity to various popular tourist destinations, campers have easy access to a plethora of attractions. Whether you’re interested in exploring historical landmarks, museums, or indulging in local cuisine, you’ll find plenty of options just a short drive away.

Negative Reviews

While the negative reviews about Savannah Oaks RV Resort are few and far between, it’s important to consider all perspectives. Some visitors have expressed disappointment with the noise levels at the campground. While the majority of guests have found the environment peaceful and relaxing, a small number of reviews mentioned occasional disturbances from neighboring campers or nearby roads. This is something to keep in mind if you prefer absolute tranquility during your camping experience.

Another aspect that received some criticism is the pricing of the campground. A few reviewers felt that Savannah Oaks RV Resort’s rates were on the higher side compared to similar campgrounds in the area. However, it’s important to note that value for money can vary depending on individual preferences and the amenities provided.

Mixed Reviews

Alongside the positive and negative reviews, there are also some mixed opinions about Savannah Oaks RV Resort. One area that garnered mixed feedback is the campground’s proximity to amenities. While some visitors appreciated the convenience of having essential amenities within a short distance, others wished for more options and services closer to the resort. It’s worth considering your own needs and preferences when evaluating this aspect of the campground.


Convenience to Attractions

One of the standout features of Savannah Oaks RV Resort is its convenient location. Situated in close proximity to various attractions, campers have the luxury of exploring popular destinations with ease. Whether you’re interested in delving into Savannah’s rich history at historic sites and museums or immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of this beautiful city, you’ll find yourself just a short drive away from an array of attractions.

Proximity to Amenities

Savannah Oaks RV Resort offers campers the convenience of having essential amenities within a reasonable distance. From grocery stores and pharmacies to restaurants and convenience stores, you’ll find everything you need just a short drive away from the campground. This proximity to amenities ensures that you can easily stock up on supplies or indulge in a delicious meal without venturing too far from the comfort of your campsite.

Scenic Surroundings

Nestled amidst stunning natural beauty, Savannah Oaks RV Resort boasts a setting that is sure to leave you enchanted. Pictorially located amongst breathtaking oak trees and verdant landscapes, the campground offers a serene and visually pleasing environment. Whether you’re looking to unwind on your campsite or explore the surrounding nature trails, you’ll find yourself immersed in the captivating scenic surroundings of the resort.

Campsite Facilities

RV Site Options

Savannah Oaks RV Resort offers a range of RV site options to suit different preferences and needs. Whether you have a small camper or a large motorhome, you’ll find sites that can accommodate your vehicle comfortably. The resort provides spacious, level sites with adequate space for setting up camp and enjoying outdoor activities.

Hookups and Utilities

For the convenience of campers, Savannah Oaks RV Resort provides various hookups and utilities at each site. Electric and water hookups are available, ensuring that you have a reliable power supply and clean water during your stay. Additionally, many sites also offer sewer hookups for easy waste disposal, making your camping experience hassle-free.

Campground Amenities

Savannah Oaks RV Resort boasts a wide range of amenities to enhance your camping experience. From a refreshing swimming pool and well-maintained fitness center to a cozy clubhouse and picnic areas, there are plenty of opportunities for relaxation and recreation. The resort also offers laundry facilities, convenience stores, and even RV storage, catering to the diverse needs of campers.

Customer Service

Staff Friendliness

One aspect that consistently receives praise in the reviews is the friendliness of the staff at Savannah Oaks RV Resort. Whether you have a question, need assistance, or simply want a friendly chat, the staff members are always ready to greet you with a warm smile. Their welcoming demeanor and helpful attitude contribute to the overall positive experience of campers at this campground.

Efficiency and Responsiveness

In addition to their friendly nature, the staff at Savannah Oaks RV Resort are known for their efficiency and responsiveness. Whether you’re checking in, requesting maintenance assistance, or seeking information about the surrounding area, you can expect prompt and efficient service. The staff’s dedication to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable camping experience shines through in the reviews.

Helpfulness and Knowledge

The staff’s helpfulness and knowledge further add to the positive customer experience at Savannah Oaks RV Resort. Visitors have consistently praised the staff’s willingness to go above and beyond to assist campers and provide them with useful information. Whether you need recommendations for local attractions or tips on RV maintenance, the staff’s expertise and willingness to help will ensure you have everything you need during your stay.


Sanitary Conditions

Maintaining high sanitary conditions is a top priority at Savannah Oaks RV Resort. Reviews consistently highlight the cleanliness of the campground’s facilities and amenities. From well-maintained restrooms and showers to spotless common areas, you can expect a clean and hygienic environment throughout your stay. This commitment to cleanliness ensures that you can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant camping experience.

Grounds Maintenance

The meticulousness of the grounds maintenance team at Savannah Oaks RV Resort is evident from the moment you set foot on the property. The well-manicured lawns, perfectly trimmed foliage, and tidy walkways are a testament to their dedication to providing campers with a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere. The attention to detail in maintaining the grounds contributes to the overall positive experience at this campground.

Trash Disposal

The efficient trash disposal system at Savannah Oaks RV Resort ensures that campers can enjoy a clean and tidy environment. Well-placed trash bins and regular garbage collection services prevent any accumulation of waste. Reviewers frequently mention the cleanliness of the resort’s common areas and the satisfaction of having a well-maintained environment during their stay.

Noise Levels

Peaceful Environment

For those seeking a peaceful and tranquil camping experience, Savannah Oaks RV Resort delivers. The majority of reviews emphasize the peaceful environment of the campground. Surrounded by nature and far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, campers can relax and rejuvenate in a serene atmosphere. The peace and quiet contribute to the overall positive experience and make for a restful stay.

Soundproofing Measures

Although the majority of campers have found the noise levels at Savannah Oaks RV Resort to be minimal, it’s important to note that there have been occasionally reports of noise from neighboring campsites or traffic on nearby roads. However, the reviews do mention that the staff and management take noise complaints seriously, ensuring a peaceful environment for all guests. The resort has implemented soundproofing measures in certain areas to minimize disruptions and enhance the camping experience.

Neighboring Disturbances

While the campground itself strives to maintain a peaceful environment, occasional neighboring disturbances can be unavoidable. However, it’s important to note that these disturbances are relatively rare and not a common occurrence. The management and staff at Savannah Oaks RV Resort actively address any issues that may arise, ensuring that campers can enjoy a quiet and undisturbed stay.

Safety and Security

Gated Access

The safety and security of campers are a top priority at Savannah Oaks RV Resort. The campground offers gated access, providing an extra layer of security for visitors. This controlled entry ensures that only authorized individuals have access to the premises, giving campers peace of mind during their stay.

Lighting and Surveillance

To further enhance safety, Savannah Oaks RV Resort maintains well-lit surroundings throughout the campground. Adequate lighting ensures visibility during nighttime activities and adds to the overall security of the resort. Additionally, the presence of surveillance cameras in key areas serves as a deterrent to any potential unwanted activities, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all guests.

Emergency Preparedness

Savannah Oaks RV Resort emphasizes the importance of emergency preparedness. The campground is equipped with emergency response systems, including fire extinguishers and first aid kits, to handle unforeseen incidents. Additionally, the staff is trained in emergency procedures and can provide guidance and assistance as needed. The campground’s commitment to emergency preparedness ensures that campers can feel secure and confident during their stay.


Pet Policies

Savannah Oaks RV Resort understands that pets are part of the family and welcomes them with open arms. The campground has a pet-friendly policy in place, allowing campers to bring their furry companions along for the adventure. However, it’s important to adhere to the pet policies and guidelines set by the resort to ensure a harmonious environment for all guests.

Pet Facilities

To cater to the needs of pet owners, Savannah Oaks RV Resort provides pet-friendly facilities within the campground. These may include designated pet walking areas, pet waste disposal stations, and even pet-friendly exercise areas where your furry friends can stretch their legs. The availability of these facilities ensures that your pets can enjoy their stay at the resort just as much as you do.

Pet-Friendly Amenities

Savannah Oaks RV Resort goes the extra mile in ensuring that your pets are comfortable during their stay. The resort may offer pet-friendly amenities such as pet grooming services, pet-friendly trails, or even pet-friendly events and activities. These thoughtful additions provide opportunities for both pets and their owners to enjoy a memorable and rewarding camping experience together.

Internet and Connectivity

Wi-Fi Availability

Staying connected is important for many campers, even when enjoying the great outdoors. Savannah Oaks RV Resort recognizes this need and provides Wi-Fi availability throughout the campground. Whether you need to check emails, stream your favorite shows, or simply stay connected with loved ones, you can rely on the resort’s Wi-Fi to keep you connected.

Signal Strength

Reviewers consistently mention the reliable Wi-Fi signal strength at Savannah Oaks RV Resort. The strong and consistent signal ensures that you can enjoy speedy internet access from the comfort of your campsite. Whether you’re uploading photos of your adventure or researching nearby attractions, the solid Wi-Fi signal strength ensures a seamless online experience.

Data Speed

In addition to a strong Wi-Fi signal, the data speed at Savannah Oaks RV Resort is generally commendable. Whether you need to download files or engage in video calls, you can expect a smooth and efficient connection. The resort’s commitment to providing reliable and fast data speeds ensures that you can stay connected and productive during your camping trip.

Value for Money

Price Competitiveness

The value for money at Savannah Oaks RV Resort has received mixed feedback. While many campers believe that the amenities and services offered justify the price, there have been some reviews expressing concerns about the higher rates compared to other campgrounds in the area. It’s important to consider individual preferences, the quality of facilities, and the overall camping experience when evaluating the price competitiveness.

Included Features

Savannah Oaks RV Resort offers various included features that contribute to the overall value for money. From the availability of essential hookups and utilities to the use of campground amenities, campers find plenty of value in the included features. Additionally, the pet-friendly policy, Wi-Fi access, and well-maintained surroundings further enhance the overall value for money.

Discounts and Specials

To provide additional value for campers, Savannah Oaks RV Resort often offers discounts and specials on their rates. These discounts may be available for extended stays, military personnel, or various promotions throughout the year. It’s worth checking the resort’s website or contacting their staff to inquire about any ongoing discounts or specials that could enhance your camping experience and provide even better value for money.

In conclusion, the reviews of Savannah Oaks RV Resort paint a picture of a highly regarded campground. From the positive remarks about its scenic surroundings, convenient location, and top-notch customer service to the occasional negative feedback regarding noise levels and pricing, the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive. With its commitment to cleanliness, safety, and pet-friendliness, the resort strives to provide campers with a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat or an adventure-packed getaway, Savannah Oaks RV Resort could be the perfect destination for your next camping trip.