Coolest RV Accessories at Hershey RV Show

Coolest RV Accessories at the Hershey RV Show! Video By Matt’s RV Reviews

Welcome to the 2023 Hershey RV Show! Today we are taking a look at the COOLEST Vendors at the RV Show! Discloser Some of these are sponsors, some work with our partner General RV and some we just really really LIKE! I will have links to everything down below!

We’re here at the Hershey RV Show and One of the best parts about this show is That there’s 1500 RVs but not only that There is hundreds of vendors in this Show selling parts accessories kayaks E-bikes RV toilet treatment everything so what We’re doing is we teamed up with some of Our sponsors some things that aren’t Sponsors that we just think are cool in The show and some of the things that General RV is representing in this video And we’re just going to take you on a Tour and don’t worry every company that We’re showcasing in this video we will Link down below even liquify our black Tank treatment let’s take a look at some Of these awesome vendors we’re with Corbin with blue technology welcome back To the show yeah thanks Matt appreciate It thank you for partnering with General RV yeah it’s been a pleasure so what are You selling today so this year we’re Introducing a bunch of new cool stuff With the focus on drinking water blue Technology has taken effort on itself to Put everything in stainless okay so this Year we’re offer uh exhibiting a new Three-way splitter that’s all stainless And stainless known by the FDA and the NSF is drinking water safe so good all Of our products including all the Internals are hoses Um is going stainless we’re all also Debuting a new stainless steel regulator Okay all internal components all Stainless and then the big introduction Is really twofold this is our adventure Series so last year in the back if you See Matt that was our R series okay and This year we’re offering our adventure Series which is made out of aluminum and It’s about two pounds lighter and about An inch and a half narrower perfect and For people that don’t know what is that This is a three-stage water filtration System nice nice the magic of it over The the other systems you’ll see your Standard in lines they’re 20 microns This has this is loaded with a 0.2 Micron which is 100 times smaller it can Take out 100 times smaller contaminants Nice so it’s really safe for all the Nasty potential things that make you Sick And we also couple it up with a tasty Filter to deal with the smell and taste That you experienced in the RV so that Takes care of that yep and then Upstream We’ve got a five Micron sediment to help Take out all the larger particles iron And such to protect other filters and How important is all this when people Are camping that’s very important I mean The EPA does regulate most Municipalities okay but we do know There’s a lot of oil alerts if you watch Our site we’ve got 50 boil alerts a day Yep uh well water which once the Campgrounds on are not regulated yep and We do have options where you can pull From a lake or stream with some of our Off-grid products nice yeah well make Sure you guys stop by talk to Corbin Talk to the team at General RV and Everybody here at this display and thank You again for joining us appreciate it All right next up is Wayne Wells what’s Going on Wayne from liquid spring Matt We have some new stuff going on with our Suspension we are now offering Earth True Earth leveling with our suspension System now first and foremost Wayne I’ve Been trying to come to come see you at The show all weekend and you guys have Just been slammed at this booth why is That tell us about the new Earth Leveling so we we’ve been really busy Talking about our just our normal Product but the new Earth leveling will Allow you to level your coach with our Suspension no longer needed would be Putting the leveling jacks down in dirt Mud if you’re on a good surface leveling Jacks are perfect perfect but if you’re If you’re on something that’s way out of Kilter or Soft hard to get level on our system Will do it we can let sand go in Beachfront we can do seven inches of of Out of level and still get it leveled Now does this work with existing liquid Spraying it does we will we will have a Retrofit kit but starting the next month Or two every every RV kit will have true Earth leveling you get a new driver Interface with it okay which is going to Give you some Diagnostics and a little More ability to do things with your Suspension than we’ve had in the past Um it’s still going to work the same It’s just giving us us and you a little Bit more information back and forth Between our systems and the only other Question I have do you need to have Liquid spring to get the Earth leveling Yes okay it’s part of our suspension Perfect absolutely love that thank you So much if you guys are interested in Learning more turn that around sir go to Scan this QR code right there if I can Get it in Focus give them a call or give Wayne Wells a call perfect thank you Matt thank you very much buddy Appreciate you General represents five Different brands but there’s two brands That we’re going to show you here at the Show that represents themselves first Brand liquefied match our viewers and Then the second brand is RV life you Don’t have a dealership group because You don’t need one you’re just an app We’re more than just an app we are a Full-fledged Suite of products uh our Suite of software that will help you Navigate your trip plan your trip create That perfect RV trip find RV parks Campgrounds national parks all those Types of things and get there with an RV Safe route and then navigate it on your Phone so first and foremost if you’re Coming to the show stop by this booth Stop by this tent talk with Patrick talk With somebody about RV life Pro it is Truthfully the best app the best Software in the industry and if you’re Not making it to the show you can get a Free one-week trial uh and 25 off by Clicking the link down below and using Promo code Matt’s RV reviews but Pat Give us there’s so much talk about but Somebody who’s watching this video give Us like a two minute reason why somebody Is going to want to try that free seven Day trial well you want to sit down and Plan a route you know one of the things We see a lot of new rvers do is they Just assume they can hop on the road and Go somewhere and you can’t you’re not Going to drive as far as you think you Are you’re not going to get there as Quickly as you think you are and by Planning the route on our browser-based Tool we call RV life trip wizard which Is part of RV life Pro you can create That trip safely and carefully and Properly vet it out with satellite view Street view all the goodies and then When you’re ready to go just pull up the RV life mobile app find the trip that You’ve created hit go and match that Trip exactly and use that for your RV Safe navigation this is why I love the Hershey RV Show because you have all These vendors all these great products Out there and then just so you guys know There’s a whole Suite there’s RV life Campgrounds trip wizard RV safe GPS RV Life maintenance RV lice master class so Let’s get started Pat anything else you Want to say to the people we’re Downstairs in the Hershey Center or our Giant Center in the hockey rink we’ve Got a double Booth plenty of room yeah Demonstrate we can talk about uh how to Utilize certain features if you’ve used It before and have questions or problems Uh if you’ve never seen us before we can Introduce you to the product and you’re Doing classes every day right right so We actually have an RV trip planning Seminar daily in some room up here our Podcast host Dana Patty hunt from the RV Live podcast yes are giving a trip Planning seminar each day uh and then Down here I’ll have a whole team Available to just explain products and Points and questions and nuance and Things you might have about it I love it Thank you again so much for joining us All right now guys we are over at the General RV parts and accessories display I say Parts but it’s really just like Fun RV accessories at least in this Stand outside so they have a lot of long Games out here we have cornhole they Have a little I think it’s just

Featured Vendors and Products

Blue Technology and stainless steel drinking water products

If you’re looking for high-quality and safe drinking water products for your RV, look no further than Blue Technology. They have introduced a range of stainless steel products that are not only durable but also meet the standards set by the FDA and NSF for drinking water safety.

One of their exciting new offerings is a three-way splitter, which allows you to connect multiple water sources to your RV seamlessly. Made entirely of stainless steel, you can rest assured that your drinking water will be safe and free from any potential contaminants.

In addition to the splitter, Blue Technology also offers a stainless steel regulator. With all internal components made of stainless steel, you can trust that your water pressure will be regulated effectively. This is especially important for RVers who often face issues with inconsistent water pressure at different campsites.

Blue Technology has also recently launched their adventure series, which is made of lightweight aluminum. Compared to their previous R series, the adventure series is two pounds lighter and more compact. It is a three-stage water filtration system that can remove contaminants 100 times smaller than standard in-line filters, ensuring that your water is clean and safe to consume.

Liquid Spring and Earth leveling feature

If you’re tired of dealing with leveling jacks and the hassle they bring, Liquid Spring has a solution for you. They have introduced Earth leveling, a feature that allows you to level your RV without the need for traditional leveling jacks.

Liquid Spring’s suspension system, combined with Earth leveling, can handle up to seven inches of uneven terrain. Whether you’re parked on soft sand or a beachfront, their suspension system can provide stability and level your RV effectively.

This innovative feature is compatible with existing Liquid Spring suspension systems, and they also offer a retrofit kit for older models. With the addition of a new driver interface, you’ll have more control and diagnostics options for your suspension system.

Eliminate the frustration of dealing with leveling jacks and enjoy a more convenient leveling experience with Liquid Spring’s Earth leveling feature.

RV Life and software products

Planning and navigating trips in an RV can be challenging, but RV Life is here to make it easier for you. They offer a suite of software products designed specifically for RVers to enhance their journey.

RV Life’s software products include RV trip planning tools, RV park finders, and RV-safe navigation systems. With their browser-based tool called RV Life Trip Wizard, you can plan your trip with ease. It provides satellite and street views, allowing you to vet out your route and ensure a smooth journey.

Once you’ve planned your trip using the Trip Wizard, you can access it on the go using the RV Life mobile app. This app not only provides navigation but also offers real-time information on campgrounds, national parks, and RV parks. You can find the perfect spots to stay, get RV-safe directions, and navigate your trip with confidence.

If you’re interested in trying out RV Life’s software, you can sign up for a free one-week trial. Plus, by using promo code “Matt’s RV Reviews,” you can enjoy a 25% discount on your subscription.

General RV and its five different brands

General RV is a reputable and well-known dealership group that represents five different brands. They offer a wide range of RVs, accessories, and products to meet the needs of every RVer.

One of the brands represented by General RV is Liquefy. They provide black tank treatments to keep your RV’s waste system clean and odor-free. Liquefy’s products are highly effective, ensuring that your RV’s black tank remains in optimal condition.

Another brand offered by General RV is RV Life. As mentioned earlier, RV Life offers a suite of software products designed to enhance your RVing experience. From trip planning to navigation, RV Life has you covered with their user-friendly and comprehensive tools.

In addition to these two brands, General RV also showcases other fun RV accessories, such as games, Weber grills, and the Solo smokeless fire pit. You can find everything you need to make your RVing experience enjoyable and convenient at General RV.

JLF Adventures and inflatable stand-up paddleboards

Founded in 2017, JLF Adventures is a company based in Michigan that specializes in adventure services. They have gained recognition for their high-quality inflatable stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, swim wraps, and party lenses.

What sets JLF Adventures apart from other inflatable kayak manufacturers is their use of drop stitch construction. This technique reinforces the floor and sides of their products, making them incredibly sturdy and durable. Unlike traditional inflatable kayaks, JLF Adventure’s kayaks offer excellent buoyancy and have a high weight capacity.

If you’re in the market for inflatable stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, or other adventure gear, JLF Adventures is a brand you should check out. You can visit their website or find them at the Hershey RV Show to explore their full range of products.

Spot Tonight and centralized booking website

Planning your RV trips and finding suitable campgrounds can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Spot Tonight aims to simplify this process by offering a centralized booking website for campgrounds and RV parks.

Spot Tonight allows users to create an RV profile and search for campgrounds based on their specific preferences. Whether you’re looking for pet-friendly parks, full hookups, or specific amenities, Spot Tonight can help you find the perfect spot for your RV.

Their website also features helpful information about each campground, including reviews, photos, and availability. You can make informed decisions about where to stay and even book your reservation directly through the Spot Tonight platform.

Say goodbye to hours of researching and planning, and let Spot Tonight streamline your campground booking process.

Mantis Micro Cruiser collapsible golf cart

If you’re an avid golfer and an RV enthusiast, the Mantis Micro Cruiser collapsible golf cart is a must-have accessory for you. This compact and versatile golf cart is designed to fit into a short bed pickup truck or a large SUV, making it easy to transport wherever you go.

The Mantis Micro Cruiser features a powerful 48-volt 2000-watt motor, providing ample power for your golfing adventures. It also has a solar panel on the roof to help maintain its charge, ensuring that you’re always ready for a round of golf.

With its collapsible design, the Mantis Micro Cruiser can be stored and transported with ease. It’s the perfect solution for RVers who want to take their golfing gear on the road without sacrificing space in their RV or tow vehicle.

The RV Atlas and campground reviews

If you’re looking for comprehensive campground reviews and valuable insights about RV travel, The RV Atlas is your go-to resource. This weekly talk show focuses on all things RVing, providing listeners with expert advice, tips, and campground recommendations.

The hosts of The RV Atlas have written several books about campgrounds and RV travel, making them highly knowledgeable in the industry. Whether you’re interested in national parks, budget camping options, or hidden gems, The RV Atlas has got you covered.

Their campground reviews are especially helpful for RVers who want to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable stay at different locations. From amenities to nearby attractions, The RV Atlas provides in-depth information to help you make informed decisions about where to camp.

Motorhome Hall of Fame showcasing older RVs

At the Hershey RV Show, you have the unique opportunity to visit the Motorhome Hall of Fame and explore a collection of older RVs. This exhibit pays homage to the history and evolution of motorhomes, showcasing vintage models that have made a significant impact on the industry.

The Motorhome Hall of Fame offers RV enthusiasts the chance to appreciate and learn about the roots of their beloved hobby. You can immerse yourself in the nostalgia of older RV designs and gain a deeper understanding of the industry’s growth over time.

Visiting the Motorhome Hall of Fame is a delightful experience for anyone with a passion for RVs and a curiosity about their history. Take a trip down memory lane and witness the evolution of motorhomes at this special exhibit.

Electric e-bike vendor and chance to win a free bike

As an added bonus, there is an electric e-bike vendor present at the Hershey RV Show, offering you the chance to win a free bike. Electric e-bikes have become increasingly popular among RVers, providing a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation for exploring various destinations.

Whether you’re exploring national parks, visiting local attractions, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride around the campground, an electric e-bike can enhance your RVing experience. They are easy to maneuver, energy-efficient, and offer a fun way to get around.

By visiting the electric e-bike vendor, you not only have the opportunity to check out their range of bikes but also enter a contest for a chance to win a free bike. This is a wonderful chance to add a versatile and exciting accessory to your RVing adventures.


The Hershey RV Show is a treasure trove of exciting vendors and innovative products that can enhance your RVing experience. From stainless steel drinking water products by Blue Technology to the convenience of Earth leveling by Liquid Spring, there are plenty of options to cater to your needs.

RV Life offers a suite of software products designed to make trip planning and navigation a breeze. General RV represents various brands, including Liquefy and RV Life, offering a wide range of accessories and products.

JLF Adventures provides inflatable stand-up paddleboards and other adventure gear, while Spot Tonight simplifies the process of finding and booking campgrounds. The Mantis Micro Cruiser collapsible golf cart is perfect for RVers who enjoy golfing, while The RV Atlas offers valuable campground reviews.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Motorhome Hall of Fame and discover the history of RVs. And if you’re looking for an electric e-bike, be sure to visit the vendor and enter the chance to win a free bike.

The Hershey RV Show truly has something for everyone, catering to RVers’ diverse needs and interests. So plan your visit, check out these featured vendors, and make the most of your RVing adventures with these incredible products and accessories.